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Gain common operating picture and situation awareness of assets, threat and context

Visual Risk Intelligence helps visualize and orchestrate critical events and assets. When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, Risk Intelligence automatically generates an alert and provides tools to discover and take immediate action to mitigate the impact. This empowers your team to know early, know the Situation to take action.


How it Works

Zapoj Visual Risk Intelligence provides the fastest, most relevant alerts on emerging risks across the world. Our AI platform composed of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning Neural Networks consumes more than 14,000 public data sources—including News, Social Media, blogs, weather portals, dark web and IoT sensors—to provide comprehensive, real-time critical events across the world.


"Our Visual Risk Intelligence product correlates these critical events with your assets using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, helping to identify potential threats to your organization. Allowing you to quickly evaluate threats and determine the appropriate response. By enabling direct execution of response actions from the platform, Zapoj CEM helps you to save valuable time and resources during crisis management, ensuring swift and effective response to emerging risks."

Optimize business resiliency with visual common operating picture

Integrate data from internal and external sources to gain situational clarity.


Comprehensive risk intelligence with high accuracy

Find covid cases in real-time. Alert and protect your employees on the ground with timely information.


Real-time asset tracking and establishing ground truth

Find, track assets, and get turn by turn navigation to safe places. Save frequently navigated routes and receive risk alerts any time, anywhere.


Data driven dashboards for decision support in risk management

Data-driven risk insights provide strategic visibility into potential risks, allowing for a better understanding of these risks and enabling actionable decision-making.

Transforms The Way You Assess Your Risks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj crawls to over 12,000 plus open source new agencies, social media like Twitter, weather sources, Federal / state Governments and international agencies (WHO, CDC, UN) to collect data round the clock and 365 days.
Following are some of the important risk categories
  • Natural disasters: Severe weather, wildfires, earthquakes and more.
  • Crime and conflict: Active shootings, terror attacks and global conflict.
  • Disease outbreaks: New outbreaks, lockdowns and travel restrictions.
  • Transportation: Travel and freight disruptions in air, road, rail and sea.
  • Cybersecurity: Data breaches, ransomware attacks and internet outages.
  • Geopolitics: Elections, political instability and disinformation efforts.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Collapse of Banking services, Failure telecommunications and Health care disruptions.
  • Advisory: Travel advisories issued by governments across the globe
Zapoj has been leveraging technology for real-time event detection using a range of Deep Learning AI methods from a number of scientific fields, ranging from Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Computer Vision for extracting contextual information from data sources, classifying them , grouping them based on categories and de-duplicates them to make sure event is been provided by more than one source and also adding severity , confidence score. Only Events with high confidence scores are considered to show on the platform.
Once authenticity and severity of the critical event has been confirmed by our VRI AI engine, Zapoj platform proximity technology leverages the geo location of the critical event and compares it with organization assets ( People, Facilities, Supply Chains, Equipment) locations, if organization assets are in the polygon radius of the critical event, then a threat will raised with alert notification to security analyst.
Since Zapoj provides a unified platform with Incident management and Mass Notification provides, security analysts can launch a response to threat either by combination of Incident or Notification. Each threat has a status to see what action has been taken. This allows both Security and business continuity teams to be on the same page with common operating picture and situation awareness.

Yes, Mass Notification product is part of Zapoj CEM mobile app. Please download from iOS App store and Android Play store

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